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About Us

Europa Organisation Africa (EOA) was established in October 2013 and is the South African-based, African division of the international Europa Organisation (EO).  EO is a truly international organisation with agencies in Toulouse, Paris and Nice in France, an Asian division (Europa Organisation Asia) based in Singapore and a Middle East division (Europa Organisation Gulf), based in Dubai, UAE.

EO was founded by Florence and Marc Doncieux in 1987 in Toulouse, France. EO is a key player in the international conference arena, recognised for its vast experience and cutting-edge technology that is integrated into the organisation of complex and worldwide conferences and meetings.


EO has managed almost 500 events over the past 25 years, with medical congresses representing between 60 – 80% of its activities each year.

Europa Organisation Africa Director – Sue McGuinness, is well-known in the South African medical conference industry for her experience, business and personal ethics, integrity and reputation. As a seasoned conference organiser, she has over 25 years’ experience of working exclusively within the medical and event management industry.

This experience and breadth of knowledge is backed by testimonials and references from many clients confirming a proven track record of facilitating highly successful congresses and events, many of which have been repeat congresses.

A POWERFUL PARTNERSHIP. The partnership between EO and Sue McGuinness aims to be of immense benefit to South African – and other African – conference clients. 

Every year, EO brings tens of thousands of people together to attend many international major meetings and congresses. As a result of this partnership, South African events can be advertised through EO’s international site, online publications and international meetings.

EO’s extensive worldwide contacts (18 000 mailing list)  are an invaluable resource for South African conference hosts wishing to reach an overseas target market. EO also has a large network of global speakers who can be approached to attend conferences across Africa.