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Wits UpToSPAED Conference 2019

On behalf of the Wits Paediatric Fund, I would like to express my profound appreciation for your work on the 7th annual Up to SPAED conference. We are so grateful to you for stepping in with little notice to assist us to run this conference, which is the main fundraiser for our organisation. As busy paediatricians with limited time in state practice, it has made such a difference to us to have your help, and the children in our wards will directly benefit from your hard work.

To the whole EOA team – the most enormous thank you! We hope this is the start of a long and profitable partnership.
With much gratitude,

Dr Jennifer Geel, Chair of the Wits Paediatric Fund

WHO Maternal Immunization Project 2019 & PATH Meeting 2019

I just wanted to say thank you for all the fantastic work you did to make the meeting a success! All the participants said everything was so well organized with the transfers and check-in. The hotel, the meeting venue, the food and breakfast were great. Thank you also for the last-minute requests such as printing and excursion. That was the cherry on the top.  It has been a pleasure working with Europa Organisation Africa! Nathalie Roos, MD, MPH, PhD | World Health Organization (WHO)Technical officer, Geneva, Switzerland

SARAA Congress 2019

It really was a good conference. So many people gave compliments and commented on the excellent organisation of Europa Organisation Africa. Claudia Ickinger,  SARAA Committee 2019

I'd like again thank the #SARAA 2019 organisation team for giving me an opportunity to come to share my work with the Congress. I feel so honoured to have been part of SARAA 2019 congress and grateful to be the recipient of the best poster award. I wish to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to the SARAA 2019 Congress.  Evans Mathebula, Recipient of a Discovery Award of R5000 for the Best Poster presentation

11th UPdate Paediatric Annual Conference 2019

It was a pleasure and privilege to take part in this event. I appreciate the trouble you went to by assisting where ever and with what you could. Congratulations on a well organised and brilliant conference. Dr Annalize Green, Pretoria

Thank you for a well-organised conference with an interesting selection of sessions. Professor Jessie van Dyk, Staff neonatologist, St Joseph’s Health Centre in Toronto

11th International Ventilation through the Ages (VTA) Symposium 2019

Thanks for all of your efforts to make VTA a success. I have hosted meetings and understand a large amount of work that is required. Your organisation and communication are world-class. Dr Michael Gentile, Duke University

19th Annual SA Heart Congress 2018

Thanks for inviting me. I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting - great standard! Congratulations. Professor Lars Svensson, USA

Thank you again for having us! I learn a ton every time. We will plan on seeing you next year! Dr Vuyisile Nkomo, USA

Thank you for a great meeting – I echo Vuyi, we learn something new every time we come to South Africa. On a personal note, I always feel welcome, and will always return with great pleasure! Dr Sorin Pislaru, USA

Congratulations on organising a high-quality meeting. Thank you and Best wishes. Professor Ganesan Karthikeyan, India

Fantastic conference and a true privilege to be part of this meeting - a special thanks to Claire, Sue and the rest of the team. The organisation was impeccable, professional and amongst the best that I've encountered on my travels. Looking forward to being invited again in the future. Dr Azeem Latib, Italy

Just to say thank you personally for all your efforts. Not only for me but for all of us! Thank you for going the extra mile. Dr Willie Koen, South Africa

Thanks so much for the opportunity for me to join the meeting! A most enjoyable and fruitful event. Thanks to all the team! Dr Carlos A Mestres, Switzerland

It was a great pleasure to be part of the SA Heart Association Congress. It was a really superb meeting and I would like to thank you all for the invitation and the kind hospitality. Professor Gil Bolotin, Israel

I would like to congratulate you and the organisation on the success of the conference. I would also like to thank you so much for everything you did for us all! You were so helpful and made everything run smoothly. My fellow Egyptian colleagues and I enjoyed our stay so much -  thank you for that. I really wish that we can attend the next conference as well. And if you decided one day to visit Egypt, let us know and we would love to welcome you. Best Regards. Dr Mahmoud Abdelnabi, Egypt

I really enjoyed the meeting. The venue and hotel were perfect. Thank you for your help in organising everything. Dr. David Barron, UK

Thanks again for the invite. Great to see all the positive feedback...the organisation was excellent as usual. Professor Derick Raal, Wits University, SA

Thank you for a well-organized and wonderful conference. Dr Charanjit Rihal, USA

I would like to show my greatest sincerity and send you many thanks for your great efforts in the organisation of this big event. I loved the venue and enjoyed the great program. Thank you so much and see you soon. Dr Abdallah Almaghraby



3rd Continental Association of African Neurological Societies (CAANS) Congress 2018

Click to view Letter of Commendation - Delight Masocha

To the EOA Family

On behalf of the LOC of 3rd CAANS Congress, I would like to inform you that the meeting was a tremendous success, from the feedback we have received so far. We were all able to come together to form a formidable team to overcome challenges and we succeeded. In this are great lessons for us all. 

Your staff was very wonderful! They blended seamlessly with our team from day 1 and were quite dedicated, very helpful to our delegates and highly professional. Very superb and delightful ladies.

An official letter of Recommendation will follow shortly but in the meantime, I want to congratulate you on a very successful outing. Dr Muhammad Raji Mahmud, CAANS 2018 Secretary

Just a note to tell you how impressed I have been with the organization and management of the CAANS meeting in Abuja.  It has all the hallmarks of what we have come to expect at international neurosurgical meetings.  Yet this has been accomplished with such a small staff, compared with the scores of staff who normally participate the management of such congresses in North America.

So...bravo!  Perhaps you can share some of your secrets for cost-effective management with us? Dr Gail Rosseau, USA Neurosurgeon

Thanks so much, Gail, Raji, Bello and colleagues plus Sue's EOAfrica team who were tremendous! This was not just history making but future-making.  I am sure the dividends from this meeting will be great and long-lasting.  A special thank you for the honour you bestowed on me and Abderrahmane last night. Professor Graham Fieggen, SA Paediatric Neurosurgeon

A fantastic meeting.  Thank you so much to all of you especially Bello, Raji and Graham.  I am sure the meeting will have beneficial effects for neurosurgery in Nigeria. Thank you for your warm welcome and for your consistency in promoting Neurosurgery in Sub-saharan Africa.  Professor Abderrahmane Sidi Said, CAANS President

The conference was truly a memorable experience and extremely well-run from beginning to end.  I am certain that CAANS is a force for good in Africa, and that with people sharing ideas and resources great things can be achieved.

I really enjoyed my visit to Nigeria.  I went on from Abuja to Kano. I was privileged to meet the Emir and many other dignitaries! I hope this will be the first of many visits to Subsaharan Africa (if they’ll have me back..!).  Dr Alistair Jenkins, UK Neurologist & Executive Committee member of the Society of British Neurological Surgeons

Very simply - congratulations. Excellent. Professor Vladimír Benes, Head of Dept. of Neurosurgery in the Central Military Hospital, Prague 

Organisers - Many thanks indeed to you for the kind assistance and hospitality. It was a pleasure to contribute to a very successful meeting. Dr Francesco Sala, Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at the Department of Neurological Sciences and Movement of the University of Verona.

It was certainly a pleasure to be in Abuja. Thank you for the sterling work in preparing for the meeting to be such a great success. Dr Aaron Musara, Neurosurgeon, and Lecturer at University of Zimbabwe College of Health Sciences

Dear Nigeria team members and the EOA team.  Hearty congratulations on a job very well done.  You all made us hugely proud.  Wonderful meeting.  Superb environment. Pleasant experience.  Grateful to you all.

To all our incredibly amazing Nigerian hosts, thank you for a truly wonderful meeting.  I have no words to say how happy I am for you and for CAANS.


6th Global Congress for Qualitative Health Research (QHR) 2018

I would like to compliment you and the team on an amazing job done: kind, professional and precise.  Ms. R. Ronel Toerien
Marketing Manager: Marketing, Brand and Stakeholder Engagement: College of Business and Economics, University of Johannesburg College of Business and Economics

I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what a great job Claire did with the 6th Global Qualitative Research conference recently held in Sun City.  I have quite a bit of experience in organising conferences myself and with conference organisers, and I was very impressed with the way in which Claire carried out her work. She was extremely well organised, very attentive to all the details of the conference and was excellent at making sure that every aspect of my needs were attended to.  She is extremely friendly and polite and ready to handle any task or crisis.  Thank you once again to Claire for making this such an enjoyable conference experience!  Professor Petra Brysiewicz, School of Nursing & Public Health, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa & Editor: International Emergency Nursing


SA Heart 2017 Congress

As I reflect on SA Heart 2017, basking in the success and feeling of a hugely successful congress, I wish to once again thank you all sincerely for your guidance, support, expertise, direction and management. This was the most enlightening and fulfilling project that I have ever been involved in. In fact it has changed my life and perspective in many ways. The "dream team" saved us when we were in a dire situation in May 2017 and gently led us to the wonderful finale that SA Heart was. There is no way that we would have accomplished all of this without Europa. I am eternally grateful for what you did for us and me personally.   I certainly will continue to sing your praise and recommend EOA to any other congress committee. I look forward to more projects and collaboration with you all in the future. I am already missing our weekly Thursday meetings and I will be dropping in from time to time to have tea at the office.

Dr David Jankelow, Chairman, SA Heart Congress 2017

As I walked around the exhibition last night after the event, there was a tangible sense of emotion, of pride in our South African spirit and of amazement regarding the robot, the incredible effort and the clear commitment shown last night. My sincere congratulations on an opening that will be very hard to top in the future but mostly for your determination, commitment and utter dedication to this task. You were ably assisted by a wonderful scientific and organising team and my thanks and congratulations to each one of you as well.  Professor Liesl Zühlke, President SA Heart Association

It was a wonderful evening and your contribution was huge. The international speakers, John McMurray, William Wijns and Volkamr Falk said that the opening was so moving that they have never before experienced anything like this before at any conference in the world. Thanks for making this so memorable.  Dr David Jankelow, SA Heart Congress Chair 2017

I would like to thank you for your kind welcome in Johannesburg!  Everything went perfectly. The stand was all set when I arrived and the brochures were delivered as well. The location was great and I had a chance to  welcome many visitors on the stand.  The ESC Faculty were very happy about the scientific sessions either the format or the content with the clinical cases, enabling very interactive sessions.  Again, thank you for all your help and support. I am really looking forward to further collaborate with you in the near future.  Marie Tesseron, Global Relations Officer, Global Affairs Department, European Society of Cardiology (ESC)

Thank you for inviting me to the Congress. I was so impressed by the way it was organised and I thought Thursday evening's opening session was fantastic and very moving.  I echo the feelings of the other speakers....the way the presentation ended with the patients coming on stage to meet their surgeons and cardiologists was immensely moving. I'll always remember the evening....and have told many people about it.  Best wishes and congratulations again to all of you...both for the conference and your daily work in helping so many of us.  Don McRae

Once again well done on the exceptional Congress! One of the best in many years! Your team is great. George Nel, Medsoc 

It was an honor and pleasure to be part of SA Heart 2017 and I wanted to thank you and the paediatric team for the invitation. I was very impressed with the program overall, and especially the paediatric track where I naturally spent most of my time.  The meeting was cohesive with the right blend of high tech and views to the future, practical  updates for current practice, trainee education, social considerations and the human story. Your and your team's tireless investment in the meeting were apparent. I am always blown away by the warm vibrancy of South Africa and that unique energy permeated the meeting as well.  Mark Friedberg 

Firstly a personal note of thank for my arrangements as speaker, but especially for managing the (difficult) group bookings for the PCSSA.  You did a sterling job.  Well done & thanks.  Professor Stephen Brown, Associate Professor/Principal Specialist: Paediatrics and Child Health, Faculty University of the Free State

Thank you for the invitation to participate in the recent SA Heart congress in Johannesburg and for the amazing time I had there.  I don’t think I will ever forget the opening ceremony, and I have, truly, never been to anything as moving and fascinating as that before.  Thank you, and all of your colleagues, also for the great hospitality shown to me.  I really had a marvellous and unforgettable experience for which I am most grateful.  (The American Heart Association meeting has been much less interesting!)  Professor  John McMurray, BHF Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre, University of Glasgow

Thank you for your kind hospitality. You did a great job with the meeting. Everything was perfectly organized. The opening ceremony was exceptional (I can say this as I have been to many....). I congratulate you and your team for a superb meeting.  Prof. Dr. med. Volkmar Falk, Ärztlicher Direktor, Direktor der Klinik für Herz-Thorax-Gefässchirurgie Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin

Just a personal word of thank you from my side for all the help with the congress arrangements on the cardiac surgical and general tract of SAHeart 2017. I truly enjoyed working with you and really can say without a shadow of a doubt that you support, guidance and help has been superb.  Thank you so much for all that you have done to make this possible.  Agneta Geldenhuys, Surgical Programme Coordinator

I want to congratulate you and thank you for the most inspiring opening ceremony I have ever attended.  This was so moving, and stimulating, and entertaining, and simply so right, with the patient at the center of all of it, and the respectful tribute to donors and their families, and the proper recognition of the doctors and their teams, and a touch of vision and futuristic anticipation, perfect.  Professor William Wijns

Enormous thanks to you and your colleagues for the invitation to your wonderful meeting - both scientifically and socially.  David Taggart

Again, many thanks for your hospitality over the last few days.  Well done on organising an absolutely fabulous conference and also social programme - really excellent.  Andrew Taylor

Congratulations on a great meeting! Thanks again for including me.  Michael R Gold

Thank you for the great hospitality last week. It was a great opportunity for our team to engage the rest of the participants and especially our South African colleagues in many interesting discussion as we share so many interests and passion for CV. We look forward to continue this collaborative efforts in the years to come.   Naser M. Ammash 

I know we all felt honored to participate - South Africa is a special place, with wonderful people. Thank you for the opportunity, I had a great time, learned things I never knew (never saw valvular TB until last week), and made new friends. Kudos for the organization of such a great meeting.  Sorin Pislaru

Thank you for inviting us and congratulations on a fantastic meeting!  Vuyisile Nkomo

It was wonderful to meet you and your colleagues, and thanks once again for inviting us. Guri Sandhu

Well done on the Congress. You did a great job.  Len Steingo

Thank you for the opportunity for us to participate in your esteemed meeting.   It was a great success!  Yulon Wang

Thanks again for hosting us. Had a wonderful time at a great meeting.  Francis Fynn-Thompson

FIDSSA 2017 Congress

I must thank your wonderful team for making this a smooth process and ultimately a wonderful  successful conference. Your teams was professional through out and both delegates and faculty had a wonderful experience.  We were in great hands.  Many thanks and looking forward to working with you and your team in the near future. Many thanks this was a great partnership and have received good comments about the conference.  Professor Sipho Dlamini, Associate Professor, Division Infectious Disease & HIV Medicine, Department of Medicine, Groote Schuur Hospital, University of Cape Town.  FIDSSA Congress Chair 2017

Thank you for the information and a brilliant, well organised conference.  Suzette Kruger, Infection Prevention Specialist, Life Dalview Hospital, East Region

I would just like to thank you for all you did to make my life easier and to congratulate you on running the conference so smoothly! Delight, your mother sure knew what she was doing when she named you – you are truly a delight!  Lee Baker, Managing Director, Medicine InformationPharmacist

Thank you very much. All involved should feel very proud for a fantastic Congress.  Jesús Rodríguez-Baño

I would like to express my gratitude for the efficient and hitch-free arrangement of the meeting.  Oyewale Tomori

The conference was outstanding in every way and you and your team did a brilliant job.  Lucille Blumberg

It was a high-standard conference, and particularly well organized.  Thanks for organizing everything so smoothly!  Nigel Garrett 

IFNE 2017 Congress

It was a true pleasure working with the entire team from Europa Orginasation Africa.  The seamless efficiency and professionalism displayed by your team have contributed to making our international meeting an uprecedented success.  Coordinating this event which was attended by 350 delegates from more than 60 countries is a remarkable testament to the depth and integrity with which your company conducts itself.
A consistent comment from all the attendees was their appreciation of the incredible warmth and very personal touch you managed to impart.
My deepest gratitude and highest commendation for all your extraordinary efforts.  I believe the quality of this meeting has set a new benchmark.  I look forward to working with you again in future and would unreservedly recommend your team as the first choice for any medical conference held locally.  Professor Llewellyn Padayachy, Meeting Chairman, 8th IFNE World Congress of Neuroendoscopy

After the tide of congratulations that your team have received for this marvellous meeting, I risk to repeat my self and be obvious. Nevertheless, I still feel the need to say something more. There are special places in the world, and Capetown is certainly one of those for its location, its beauty, its history and its people. The energy of your homeland is visibly transmitted to your team and your Institution, and this perfect, incredible meeting allowed a huge transfusion of energy to the IFNE as well, that goes beyond the marvellous scientific contents and will certainly last for the years to come. Thank you again, in the name of the whole Executive Board. Professor Giuseppe Cinalli, Incoming IFNE President 2018

It was a pleasure meeting you in CT, and we look forward to working with you more in the future!  We greatly appreciate all you and your team did for us and the conference.  Charles Howard, Operations Director, CURE Hydrocephalus, CURE International

Thank you for everything! The congress was amazing! Perfect organization! Everybody enjoyed it very much !  Professor Henry W. S. Schroeder, Professor and Chairman, Department Neurosurgery, University of Medicine, Greifswald, Germany

Thank you - Professor Llewellyn Padayachy and the Congress team in did an fantastic job! I certainly have BIG shoes to fill!  South Africa is an amazing country and the everyone were very kind and welcoming . Our sincere thanks for the warm hospitality!  Samer K. Elbabaa, Medical Director, Paediatric Neurosurgery, Director, Paediatric Neuroscience Center of Excellence, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children & IFNE 2019 Meeting Chair

Thanks a lot for a wonderful meeting!  Dr Suhas Udayakumaran, Professor /Senior Specialist, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, India

A short note of thanks to you and your Team.  Venue, exhibition, presentation area, catering, management team impressively slick and world class standard. My visiting Surgeon has returned to his country of origin educated, inspired and truly motivated.  Graham Balman, CMM Neomedical.

Thank you once more for your hospitality and support during the IFNE 2017 Congress. All your team members were very kind and helpful, despite last minute requests and a rather tight agenda to run every day. You must be very proud of you all.    Maria Arvaniti , IFNE account Manager / IFNE Administrative Secretariat and core-PCO

CCSSA 2017 Congress

Thank you for a well organised and managed congress.  I’ll be part of a congress you are managing any day!  Linda  Veale, Getinge.  

I would like to thank you for your superb organisation and for all the help you have provided me and my wife before and during this wonderful stay in your beautiful country.  Everything you have organised was perfect and exactly to our liking - we will keep wonderful memories from our trip and from this congress! Professor Jean-Daniel Chiche, Réanimation Médicale, Hôpital Cochin, Université Paris Descartes

On a personal note, thanks to you and your team for for making our lives simple during the meeting. Its always a pleasure being a speaker at Critical Care as you are always on top of things. I fear we may not even arrive on the right days if it were not for your team. Thanks for the patience and professionalism you all show.  Dr Oliver Smith, Specialist Anaesthetist and Intensivist, Department of Anaesthesia and Critical Care, Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, University of the Witwatersrand

On behalf of “Hospital Information Services”, we would like to thank you very much for your excellent service and the professional manner in which everything was arranged and conducted.  All support staff were really helpful when required.  We strongly believe that it was a valuable experience for us, which will definitely benefit our members in the future.  Venesh Nanthalall, Hospital Information Services

Thanks for all the effort your team has put into making the CCSSA congress a success. It is always lovely seeing you.  Bronwen Espen

Many thanks for the wonderful organisation – much appreciated!  Mervyn Singer

Thank you so much for such a well organised event. Thank you for all your hard work in getting the workshops together,  we are absolutely  pleased and grateful  to have worked with you. Everything went on without a fault and we have received some very positive feedback from attendees.  Nivisha Parag 

Thank you very for a well organised and enjoyable congress – your obvious hard work paid off. The ultrasound workshop ran efficiently and we received lots of positive feedback. Thank you with all your help in setting this up and improving ultrasound training in SA.  Dr Rob Wise

Thanks a lot - it was a pleasure to attend the Congress - it was an excellent meeting.  Professor Rémy Meier

SNSA 2017 Congress

"The Society of Neurosurgeons of South Africa had the pleasure of working with Europa Organisation Africa to host the SNSA 2017 Congress.  It was one of the largest gatherings of neurosurgeons in South Africa with 300 delegates from a dozen countries.  The meeting was challenging as it was partnered with the Neurological Society of India (NSI).  The EOA team did a marvelous job of coordinating arrangements for the NSI faculty as well as faculty members from the USA and UK.  They have an incredible rapport and contact with the trade exhibitors, who play such a valuable part in our meetings and contribute to its financial success.  In summary, the meeting was a huge success academically, financially and socially, mainly due to the seamless and efficient organisation capabilities of this team.  I have no hesitation in recommending Europa Organisation Africa to you and know that I will use no other congress organiser in the future."  Dr Sameer Nadvi, Chairman, 26th SNSA Congress 2017

"Congratulations on a wonderful meeting.  You did a spectacular job!"  Russ Lonser, Professor & Chair, Department of Neurological Surgery, Ohio State University, Columbus

"I am grateful to you for your kind hospitality at the  wonderful conference organised by your team. I really had a wonderful time and have very warm memories of South Africa. Thank you so much for all your kind efforts to make me feel so comfortable." Dr Sanjay Behari, MBBS, MS, MCh, DNB, FIAANS. Professor, Neurosurgery, Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow, India

"The SNSA meeting was indeed a great event and congratulations on the excellent organising." Dr Omesan Nair, Congress delegate

"It was indeed a memorable event to attend this meeting. I thank Professor Sameer, the organisers and the entire SNSA team for the great hospitality. I am grateful." Dr Awadhesh Kumar Jaiswal, M.Ch.(Neurosurgery, AIIMS) Professor, Department of Neurosurgery Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow, India

SUN 2017

“Thank you for the professionalism and even more the personal touch and grace. It was truly an exceptional meeting - once in a lifetime. It was the best attended SUN meeting and is universally acclaimed as the best ever.  This was a masterclass by your magnificent team. I am eternally grateful to have been there - the memories will last a lifetime.”  Nelson M. Oyesiku, MD, PhD, FACS, Al Lerner Chair and Vice-Chairman, Professor, Neurosurgery and Medicine (Endocrinology).  Co-Director, Emory Pituitary Centre, Department of Neurosurgery, Emory University School of Medicine.  Editor-in-Chief, NEUROSURGERY

"Thank you again for your unparalleled hospitality, kindness, and making our trip to South Africa a once in a lifetime experience. We will always be grateful and thank you again for everything. We are all so indebted and profoundly grateful."  Anil Nanda, MD, MPH, FACS, Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery,  LSUHSC, Shreveport.

"Allow me to thank you once again for the incredible job you and your team did for the meeting. My family and I had a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  I can report our extreme enthusiasm for you and your organization"  Sameer Sheth, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, Director, Functional and Cognitive Neurophysiology Lab, Director, Psychiatric Neurosurgery Service, Columbia University Medical Center, New York Presbyterian Hospital

"From the Ellenbogen Family we send our deepest gratitude to you and your team.  It exceeded our expectations and we would use your expertise anytime we were back in Africa and we would like to return.  Sue, Chipo, Claudette and the Silver foxes were awesome!  Thank-you!!!! "  Richard G. Ellenbogen, MD, FACS, Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurological Surgery. Director, UW Medicine, Neuroscience Institute.  Director, American Board of Neurological Surgery.  President, American Society of Paediatric Neurosurgeons

"Thank you all for a truly wonderful and memorable time.  The trip far exceeded any expectations we had!  We loved South Africa and feel very privileged to have been part of such a great group.  Your team gave us memories we will never forget.  The trip went smoothly and perfectly, you thought of everything! We hope to return someday soon.  Please relay our thanks to your entire team! Thanks again!" Craig and Gail VanDerVeer 

"I wanted to thank you for a fantastic meeting!!!!! Thanks for all your hard work and passion from your group. "  Roberto Suazo
for the Department of Neurological Surgery, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

"Thank you again for all the wonderful details that made our trip so great. Your organisation was kind and extremely hospitable. I will treasure wonderful memories of South Africa. Kindly convey my gratitude to the whole team. I thank you for all the arrangements. We had a once in a lifetime visit to South Africa and it would not have been possible without your eye for detail and kindness. Thank you again and a heartfelt siyabonga!" Anil Nanda, MD, MPH, FACS, Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery,  LSUHSC, Shreveport.

“Congratulations to you all.  I have to say this was the best meeting I have been to!  Many thanks for all of the hard work.  Thank you for the absolutely ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ meeting. I know it was a ton of work to put together something like this, but the result was nothing short of outstanding. It was a blast from beginning to end. We will all remember this meeting for many years to come!”  Madison Michael II, MD, FAANS, FACS, Residency Program Director and Associate Professor Department of Neurosurgery, University of Tennessee Health Science Centre & Director of Cranial Base Surgery, Methodist Brain and Spine Institute, Semmes-Murphey Clinic.

"It was very nice to meet during the South African conference event - Everything was very well organised and successful." Dr Vassilis Varsos, SUN 2017 Delegate

"I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work to make the SUN trip such a memorable experience. We were blown away by how well organized everything was! Ben had a wonderful time at the meeting, touring the hospitals, and meeting new physicians. Caroline and I had the best time sightseeing and just taking it all was absolutely beautiful! Thank you again for making it a trip of a lifetime for us!  Courtney Brown, SUN 2017 Delegate

"We just returned from the neurosurgery conference and wanted to say we had a fantastic time and thank you." Andrew and Christina Werner, Sun 2017 Delegates

VTA Symposium 2017

"Thank you for all the first-class arrangements. It a very rewarding symposium.  I am very grateful for all you did and look forward to accessing the excellent presentations on the website" Dr TN Maphosa

"My colleagues reported back that the Symposium was wonderful.  Once again, thank you for inviting us - it proved to be a huge success."  Leandra Booysen, Senior Editor, SA Media Holdings

"Thank you so much for having Nivashee,Shaun and myself from SA Media Holdings it was very much appreciated. Your organisation from start to finish was superb as well as your communication via our cell phones. Your venue was excellent and the food was great. All in all, a great Conference and well attended." Harriet Landman, Key Accounts Manager, Medical, SA Media

AfricaPCR 2017

" It was a privilege and an honor working closely with you. It was a wonderful experience full of fun, warmth and an aspiration to offer the best we can.  Even the cases seemed to work on our side , I heard that the ASD closure case was performed via the transjugular route as if to teach us that the unlimited challenges of pathology can only be met by unlimited innovation in technique Thank you and sincere wishes for continuous success."  Sherif El Tobgi, International Faculty Member, AfricaPCR 2017

"A huge thank you for our side for yet another well organised congress to be a part of. Our delegates enjoyed it thoroughly and our stand was well visited."   Jeanie Britz, Marketing and Sales Manager, Condor Medical Africa

" I wanted to sincerely congratulate you for the very successful, innovative, elegant and friendly 2017 edition of AfricaPCR and thank you for giving me the privilege to be part of it.  I did enjoy every minute of it, learned a lot and had made new friends. I also would like to thank and congratulate Hans, Sue, Claudette, Manon and all of the EO team for the excellent meticulous organisation of the meeting that has become the pride of the African interventional cardiology community." Habib Gamra, International Faculty Member

" To the EO Africa Team,  our sincere thanks – the service, support and efficiency was outstanding.  Always a pleasure to work with the PROFESSIONALS !" Rob Millar, CEO, Condor Medical Africa


SNSA / CAANS 2016 Congress

“Having organised three international meetings with the talented Europa Organisation Africa team, I can attest to their remarkable professionalism and flair. They provide an exceptional service from start to finish, and are able to bring freshness and originality to every meeting, while taking care of the details and staying well within budget. Planning and hosting a meeting with them at your side is truly an enjoyable experience and you know every delegate will leave the meeting feeling they have received individual care and attention.” Professor Graham Fieggen, Head of the Department of Surgery at the University of Cape Town and President of the Continental Association of African Neurosurgical Societies.

6th ICAN Congress 2016

" Thank you for all your help with the logistics for the congress, you are a good team and Charmaine was lovely and most helpful." Professor Dilip Nathwani, International Faculty Member &  Co-Director Academic Health Sciences Partnership in Tayside, Consultant Physician and Honorary Professor of Infection, Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, Dundee, United Kingdom

SATS SASSM Congress 2016

As congress chair for SATS 2016 and on behalf of our organising committee I would like to express a huge debt of gratitude to the professional, efficient and meticulous organization of our congress. Your team’s knowledge, wealth of experience and contact base made organizing the conference a much easier task for us than we could have imagined. You guys are amazing. They say that some one always complains to conference organisers, but this time we have not heard one squeek of a complaint, and only songs of praise. One only needs to sort out overseas and local speakers with topics and then push the “GO” button with EOAFRICA and one can consider the conference a rail road to success. Dr Alan J Peter, Joint SATS Congress Chair 2016 & Principal Specialist, Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital

Congratulations  for wonderful organisation of this year's SATS/SASSM congress. It was educating and informative. Dr Ndaziona Peter Kwanjo Banda, Pulmonology Fellow, Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital

Thanks for an insightful congress. Our group of physiotherapists enjoyed the valuable information and articles which we hope to revisit and study. Lizl van Heerden, Physiotherapist

We have had a very successful conference, thank you to the organisers and especially the work and coordination of Dr Alan Peter. From the surgical side we were very happy. All went very smoothly with good feedback from all, especially our two international guests, both would like to return. Dr Ivan Schewitz, Cardiothoracic Surgeon and Joint SATS / SASSM Congress 2016 Committee Member

This was a wonderful experience. Thank you for your warm welcome and hospitality. It was a pleasure to meet you all and the wonderful doctors. Professor Refika Hamutcu Ersu, Turkey

Thank you so much for a wonderful SATS/SASSM congress. We could not have done it without you! The organisation was fantastic, and you dealt with all glitches with such professionalism and patience. We have had so many compliments already, which are mostly attributable to your team. Should we ever have to organise a congress again, there is no doubt which event’s organiser we will use! Professor Michelle Wong, SATS Committee Member & Head of Pulmonology, Department Internal Medicine, Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital

8th MSD Infectious Disease Update, June 2016, Mount Grace

I just want to say thank you very much for the past weekend's update. I found it very worthwhile and thought it was very well organised at this beautiful venue.  Much appreciated!  Dr Du Toit van der Merwe

On behalf of our pharmacy manager and myself, a big thank you for affording us the opportunity to attend this very high calibre event at such a great venue. The 8th MSD Infectious Disease Update was from our perspective a real eye-opener and very helpful for our fledgling antimicrobial stewardship programme. Dr Douglas Ross, Hospital Manager and Mrs Arti Hemraj, Pharmacy Manager - Midlands Medical Centre

Aspen-On-Point Meeting, February 2016

Thank you to the EOA team for your wonderful organisation and making sure that everything went off smoothly! Dr Yunus Motala, Family Practitioner, Private Practice, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

I'd like to thank you and your team for making our attendance at this Aspen conference a real pleasure. All your arrangements were done smoothly and always with a friendly smile. Dr James Stopforth & Dr Jeanné Stopforth, Family Physician & GP, Intercare, George, Western Cape

Thank you for a great conference! It was SO interesting. I had a safe and good journey home. Dr Marguerite Howlett, GP, Life Entabeni, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

MSD SAASP Meeting, February 2016

Just a note to thank you for all your hard work this weekend and the run-up. The administration of the meeting was exemplary. We look forward to working with you again soon. Professor Marc Mendelson, Professor of Infectious Diseases, University of Cape Town & Co-Chairman SAASP

I would like to commend you on your exceptional service for the SAASP conference at the Protea Hotel Balalaika Sandton. The travel arrangments were perfect and all went well as planned. Oriel Duchenka Ramsamy, Pharmacist, Life Mount Edgecombe Hospital, Durban

6th FIDSSA Congress, November 2015

Many thanks once again for your excellence in organising and administrating the 6th FIDSSA congress. The feedback from our international faculty has been extremely positive. Professor Marc Mendelson, Professor of Infectious Diseases, University of Cape Town & President, FIDSSA

It was a  lovely  meeting, perfectly organized. Prof Lucille Blumberg, Deputy-Director:  National Institute for Communicable Diseases

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the FIDSSA for awarding me a bursary to attend the conference. I learnt a lot and it was one of the most well organized conferences I have ever attended. Patience Manjengwa

Thank you for the fantastic FIDSSA meeting! Dr Angela Dramowski, Paediatric Infectious Diseases, Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, Stellenbosch University

Thank you for a fabulous Congress, well run and totally enjoyable. I loved being in the mountains! Marion Blewett, South African Society of Travel Medicine

On behalf of Serenus Biotherapeutics, I wish to thank you again for all your trouble with our arrangements for this very successful conference. You and your Team were excellent in the preparation and execution of this conference. Well Done! Karen de Klerk, Commercial Marketing Director, Serenus Biotherapeutics

16th Annual SA Heart Congress, October 2015

I have been the convener of the South African Heart Association meeting at Sun City during October 2015. The meeting had over 1000 delegates, had multiple and simultaneous sessions and was also fairly IT intensive with a lot of video presentations. It also involved several social functions and a significant number of international speakers. It was an absolute pleasure to work with the team from Europa Organisation Africa. Travel arrangements and transfers were well executed and I can really say that there was not a single major mishap, which I found remarkable for a meeting of this size.  I can recommend Sue and her team without any reservations. Professor Francis Smit, Head Clinical Department, Cardiothoracic Surgery, University of the Free State and Chairman 16th Annual Heart Congress 2015

Thank you for all your help in making our visit so comfortable and enjoyable. Naser Ammash,Vice Chair, Clinical Practice, Division of Cardiovascular Diseases, Mayo Clinic, USA

Thank you so much again for all your assistance with my trade registrations and requirements leading up to SAHA. It was a pleasure dealing with your team! Charmaine Hunter, Assistant CRM and PI Business Units, Boston Scientific

Once again a very big thank you to you and your team for all the time, energy, detail, expertise, patience and what not put into our congress, carrying it through any frustrations, meeting every challenge with a smile....from me personally, but also from the SA Heart Office! The feedback we received was positive all around. Erika Dau, Operations Officer, South African Heart Association 

CCSSA Annual Congress, July 2015

Europa Organisation Africa is in my view currently the best conference organiser available in South Africa. I have worked for many years with Sue McGuinness and her team on various congresses, including on three occasions as conference Chairman for for Critical Care and the South African Thoracic Society. They are incredibly organized, planning ahead for every eventuality, commit completely to each congress with which they are involved and are always available to discuss any concerns or worries that one might have. Their knowledge of and relationships with the managers of the various venues available in each city greatly facilitates arrangements and allows EOA to access the best prices. Similarly their knowledge of and relationships with the medical trade ensures significantly greater participation than would generally be expected. The financial arrangements are meticulously documented and every attempt is made to provide an enjoyable yet profitable congress. I would not hesitate to recommend this team to anyone who wishes to have a successful meeting. Professor Guy Richards Academic Head and Professor Division of Critical Care University of the Witwatersrand,  Director Critical Care Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital & Chief Physician Departments Medicine and Pulmonology University of the Witwatersrand

I just want to say that I am very grateful for the excellent arrangements and the superb hospitality shown to me during the congress in Sun City. I thoroughly enjoyed the congress, sessions, discussions and also the time to relax and enjoy your beautiful country and your fabulous entertainment. Many thanks - most memorable in so many aspects. Professor Olle Ljungqvist, International Faculty Member, Professor of Surgery, School of Health and Medical Sciences, Örebro University, Sweden

On behalf of SASPEN thank you for your tireless contribution towards making the CCSSA / SASPEN Congress the success it was.  Your attention to all our queries and requests are much appreciated. Thank you also for taking such exceptional care of our international speakers. Wishing you all the best with your future endeavours. Christina Niewoudt, President, SASPEN

Thank you for inviting me to speak at the Critical Care Congress. It was an excellent meeting with a superb academic and social program  and I enjoyed it very much. All the arrangements worked perfectly and in particular there was great attention to detail regarding my travel arrangements. Professor Lance Michell, Local Faculty Member, University of Cape Town

Once more, a wonderful congress, superbly organised and great fun! Thanks so much for making my trip, stay and tasks such a pleasure.  Thanks too for taking care of the Panorama Mediclinic nurses who found themselves in a predicament. Bronwen Espen, CCSSA Council Member

I enjoyed the CCSSA Annual Congress tremendously. It was well organized and the food was divine. I'd  like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the prompt correspondence, feedback, invoicing etc you did regarding the Critical Care congress. I have been working at  Fresenius for the past 15 years and never before experienced such great service from a organiser. Job well done. Magda Haasbroek, Sales Manager, Fresenius Kabi South Africa

 Africa PCR , March 2015

I really enjoyed the high-profile educative PCR meeting in Jo'burg and the interaction with the cardiologists as a cardiac surgeon. I encourage this heart team mix at every PCR meeting on the globe. PCR would be the real world for the future cardiologists and cardiac surgeons couples as the technology improves. Professor Charles Yankah, German Heart Institute, Berlin

Without a shadow of a doubt, we can say that this was a successful congress under the leadership and vision of a group of great professionals! We have heard nothing but praise from all who attended the congress, including the companies. From the first minute you hit the ground reaching high quality sessions. The presenters were well prepared and all sessions were well attended. During the breaks, lunches, dinners, there was a common denominator “great and valuable content, superb interaction, good food, …” Congratulations on both a successful and a memorable conference. You have set a new standard and thank you for the experience! The Baroque Medical Team.

As outgoing Vice Chair for Iscap, I must thank you for another great meeting, dare I say this AfricaPCR has been the best to date.....inspired venue, media that worked well, good food, central, etc. I have enjoyed working with the EOA team, your super friendly efficient staff make everything flow smoothly. Gill Longano, Vice Chairperson, ISCAP. 

Again we would like to tell you  how unique the African PCR experience was this year thanks to you and your nice and professional team. You can be proud of the achievement and I would like you to share with your entire team how privileged we felt all along  the course." Magali BréhèretTraining & Facilitation Coordinator, Cathlink - PCR  Educative solutions

Meeting of the Minds, March 2015

Just a note to thank you for having me at the Meeting of the Minds 2015, which I thought was excellent: well-balanced, informative, practical. We are not all Andreas Gruntzigs, and Alexander Pope (1688-1744) had some good advice : "Be not the first by whom the new is tried, nor yet the last to leave the old aside". I think that applies very well to BVS, which clearly has a very bright future. Dr Joe Tyrrell, Cardiologist, Cape Town, South Africa.

Feedback from 2014

My first-hand dealings confirmed the absolute professionalism of Sue McGuiness and her team, their abundant experience and wide-ranging organisational skills.  From inception...involved in every aspect of planning and execution of tasks and steering our somewhat divergent organising committee to a cohesive whole.  Their attention to detail, even the planning-meetings which colleagues from other provinces had to fit into their tight work schedules, were planned with such thoughtfulness, rather than being a chore, were turned into a positive experience.  Sue McGuiness's special attribute is her skill in dealing with people, including the many 'big personalities' in our discipline, her gentle diplomacy but firm and persuasive manner when needs be.  She has an insider's knowledge of the cardiology community that makes her an invaluable asset when dealing with unfamiliar situations and persons. 

The congress itself - from accommodating the varied and often changing needs of the invited faculty, to the smooth flow of academic proceedings, the innovations that created an upbeat vibe in the exhibition hall, the décor that translated into altruistic gain, the healthy yet delicious selection of menus, the fantastic entertainment, the phenomenal celebration dinner evening - was by all accounts, deemed and absolute success, especially since it was undertaken in a very cost-constrained environment. 

We have been the recipients of much praise - from our international guests and faculty members, local colleagues and industry personnel - all due to your team's guidance and efforts.  The entire process, rather than seem a business venture, felt more like dealing with a trusted friend.  A perceived daunting task was turned into an enriching and enjoyable experience. Dr Sajidah Khan, Chair 15th Annual SA Heart Congress 2014

Thank you for all your help with the trip!  SA Heart 2014 was a fantastic meeting!  Dr Nkomo Vuyisile, Mayo Clinic USA -  15th Annual Heart Congress 2014

Thank you for your exceptional arrangements during SA Heart 2014 - the all star, all women team was simply amazing!  Dr R Krishna Kumar, Clinical Professor and Head, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Kerala, India - 15th Annual Heart Congress 2014

Many, many thanks for all you kindly did to make me feel so welcome at the SA Heart 2014 meeting.  I can honestly say it is the only time I have been invited to a meeting where all the arrangements worked and were so well planned and thought out.  It makes a huge difference, especially when travelling from overseas.  I very much appreciate all your team did to make the event such a success - the organisation was outstanding!  Dr Timothy Jones, Consultant Congenital Cardiac Surgeon at Birmingham Children's Hospital, United Kingdom - 15th Annual Heart Congress 2014

Thank you so very much to the EOAfrica team for all your help before and during the recent SA Heart Congress.  The organisation was superb!  Dr Ebrahim GM Hoosen, Unit Head:  Paediatric Cardiology, Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital - 15th Annual Heart Congress 2014

Baroque Medical would like to congratulate you on a successful SA Heart Congress 2014.  We believe the sessions were of great value to the profession.  Well done on a well organised Congress!  Baroque Medical Marketing Team SA Heart 2014

It was a real pleasure and honour to participate in the latest congress of the South African Society of Cardiology together with their surgeons.  I was proud to contribute to the excellent program and to meet many friends. Thank you for having me.  Professor Thomas F. Lüscher, Chairman of Cardiology University Heart Centre, Zurich - 15th Annual Heart Congress 2014

I wanted to sincerely thank all of the team that made SAHA 2014 such a successful meeting.  I thought the balance you had between sessions, exhibition and social events was just right.  I will be Program Director for our national Arrhythmia meeting next year and will definitely be using some of what I have seen to help our own meeting run well!  Dr Kim Rajapan, Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist at John Radcliffe Hospital, part of the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust - 15th Annual Heart Congress 2014

"I would like to thank you for the opportunity to play some part in the recent SA Heart Congress 2014.  I enjoyed working with your team and experience their professionalism once again, (a rare commodity in eventing these days!).  Allister Bell, Allister Bell & Associates - 15th Annual Heart Congress 2014

I am writing to you in my capacity as Chairman of the Organising Committee of the recent DSSA Congress....The feedback from our members was that of compliments. I am very much humbled by your professionalism as a team, your willingness to help, your dedication, hard work and your patience. I want to take this opportunity to thank you a million times for a job well done! I really hope our colleagues in Dermatology and other disciplines will utilize your services in organising future congresses. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is given a daunting task of organising a congress. I am looking forward to working with you and your staff in future. Prof M.H Motswaledi, Chairman: DSSA 2014 Organising Committee

It goes without a say that since last Thursday the whole BVS story was an incredible journey. You did a great job! Every single step of this journey was filled with professionalism and it became even a personal story for all of us. We do save lives! Baroque Medical BVS Launch Sunninghill Hospital

Thank you for all your support and hard work during the BVS event and 20 year celebration - it is wonderful to work with such a professional organisation. Hettie Kruger, Head of Cardiovascular & Endovascular - Baroque Medical BVS Launch Sunninghill Hospital

I have just returned from our annual congress and I want to compliment everyone involved in it's organisation - it was really superb! The food and the venue was out of the top drawer. The registration desk worked smoothly as did the behind the scenes efforts - so much so that no one noticed! I felt the presentations were GREAT and one thing that stood out for me was that our sessions were as good if not better than the overseas ones....a truly outstanding congress! Well done to you all, you can be very proud of what you put together! Dr Gary Levy - SA Dermatology Congress 2014