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Ethical Codes

Since January 2018 signatories to the MedTech and Medical Device codes are no longer permitted to sponsor doctors directly to attend third party organised events. (1)(2)

Sponsorship can only be indirect to comply with the MedTech and Medical Device Codes.

Industry partners can provide educational grants through a third party such as EO Africa (EOA).

EO Africa (EOA) will liaise with hospitals, professional societies or other institutions to facilitate delegate selection and supprt.

Grants may be restricted with certain criteria imposed or may be unrestricted.

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1 - MedTech Europe Code of Business Practice, Chapter 4, 3.a.1, pg 22, [cited 2018 June 04].  Available from: http://www.medtecheurope.org/legal-and-compliance/code.
2 - Medical Device Code of Ethical Marketing and Business Practice Practice, Part 1, Chap. 1, pg. 10, [cited 2018 June 04]. Available from: http://www.samed.org.za/Codes-of-Practice.aspx



Since 1 January 2018, industry partner members of the association MedTech Europe must apply the MedTech Code of Ethics, which regulates the industry’s relationships with healthcare professionals, notably in terms of company-organised congresses and events.

Congress-organising scientific committees, health organisations that employs healthcare professionals or  industry partners:
What impact does the MedTech Europe Code have on your activities?

MedTech is a European association that represents the medical technology industries, from diagnosis to cure, operates from Europe. It has adopted a code of ethical business practice, applied by all of its members, that encourages coherency and transparency in the financial support given to medical educational events.


Under what conditions does the Code apply?

  • The congress concerns a discipline using medical devices
  • It takes place in a geographical zone that is affected by the Code and/or the healthcare professionals attending the event come from one of these zones
  • The usual congress partners are members of MedTech or another association which has adopted a similar Code

What does it state?

  • MedTech industry members can only provide their financial support (for booths, symposia, advertising, participant logistics, etc.) to congresses that are approved by the Conference Vetting System.
    This system verifies that the scientific programme, location, conference centre, participant accommodation, rates/inclusions of registration fees and the communication tools all respect criteria laid down in the Code of Ethics.
  • Industry partners can no longer organise or give direct support/reimbursements to healthcare professionals (physicians, paramedics) who participate at a congress.
  • They will however be able to give indirect support by depositing participation funds with a healthcare organisation or a MedTech-approved congress organiser, who will select the beneficiaries of the funds and cover their registration fees, travel and/or accommodation.
  • If they exist, national obligations with regards prior authorisation and transparency declarations remain applicable. In the absence of national regulations, the amounts paid must be declared on the MedTech transparency platform.
  • The Code also provides a framework for relationships between industry and healthcare professionals during other collaborative situations: industry-organised events, consultations, etc.

Who is concerned by its application?

  • Corporate members of MedTech and national associations. View the list
  • Similar Codes existing in other parts of the world also come into application in 2018:
    • - APACMed (Asia-Pacific)
    • - Mecomed (Middle-East and North Africa)
  • Some non-MedTech member companies and other similar associations have also decided to apply the Code.


Whether you are a congress-organising scientific society, a health organisation that employs healthcare professionals or an industry partner, EOA can support you in the various stages of the Code’s application, according to your needs:

  • 1/ Verification of eligibility of the congress on the Conference Vetting System
  • 2/ Definition of qualitative and quantitative elements necessary for the calculation of funds
  • 3/ Assistance in the formulation of beneficiary selection criteria and adopted fund allocation process
  • 4/ Management of all relationships with supported participants: invitations, registrations, accommodation, travel, set-up of a Help Desk
  • 5/ Provision of regular activity reports and documents according to legal transparency obligations

Our solutions meet all regulatory requirements with regards to our customers’ data protection. (Compliance with the guidelines determined by the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

MedTech Trusted Partner

Europa Group is accredited by MedTech Europe since October 2017, as being a trustworthy partner for the collection and management of educational allowances from industry partners.

Certified ISO 9001

In 2010, Europa’s culture of excellence encouraged us to become the first congress organiser in France to be certified ISO 9001, which guarantees the quality of our organisational structure and attention to constant improvement.

Regulation policy

Europa Group has set up a Compliance & Quality department that enables us to monitor the evolution of laws and regulations which impact our activities and to ensure our customers benefit from services that are fully compliant.