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Reducing congress attendees’ carbon footprint. 

As a responsible and civic-minded company, EO Africa (EOA) are committed to conserving the environment.

With conferences bringing thousands of participants together internationally and in Africa each year, it is inevitable that meetings will have a direct impact on the environment.  The company is therefore committed to finding ways to recycle materials and to reduce pollution.

Some concrete examples of what is EO Africa (EOA) has already achieved at its overseas conferences:

    • The placement of water fountains rather than distributing small plastic water bottles (this has cut water consumption by 75% at European conferences)
    • The use of recycled paper for all the different congress communications (hand-outs, notepads, attendance confirmations, etc.)
    • Offering delegates the option of receiving information electronically on smartphones, notebooks, or laptop computers in order to lower paper usage
    • Favouring public transportation for the meeting, where possible.

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