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Vital Training Programme | 20-21 February 2015

Vital Training Programme | 20-21 February 2015

ViTAL Training Courses for the SA Medical Profession

ViTAL programme will transform continuing medical education in South Africa

ViTAL is a unique programme of personalised lifelong transformative learning for healthcare professionals aimed at ‘training the trainers’. While it has focused mainly on interventional cardiologists elsewhere in the world, it has broadened its focus in South Africa to other specialties. The first ViTAL seminar/workshop in South Africa took place in February and was attended by 18 participants, all of whom responded very positively to the initiative.

 2015 Pivot Conference Centre, Montecasino,  Johannesburg Professor Jean Marco (France), founder of PCR and a medical education visionary and internationally recognised interventional cardiologist, has developed a post-graduate educational process for clinicians, to engage audiences across all age groups, cultures and experience levels with very positive results. The ViTAL course was initiated in Europe approximately 4 years ago and has encouraged and developed over 150 physicians. This programme is now being shared with colleagues in South Africa who have an interest and potential to become better facilitators in medical education. To ensure that the programme meets South African healthcare professional’s needs, all delegates will be individually engaged to maximise their areas of expertise. Dr Tom Mabin, a local medical education leader, will collaborate with Professor Marco to ensure that the relevant topics are tailored to address key concerns in the South Africa environment.

Read more about the success of VITAL in Europe here:

http://www.pcronline.com/About/Daily-News/2013/EuroPCR/23rd-May/VITAL-a-PCR-exclusive-educational-approach http://www.pcronline.com/About/Daily-News/2014/EuroPCR/Wednesday-21th-May/Transformative-learning-is-at-the-heart-of-EuroPCR

Read more by downloading the interview with Professor Jean Marco here : ViTAL – Professor Jean Marco

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